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When you come to join us as a caregiver, you will become a part of one of the world’s strongest and fastest – growing professions. The world will truly be your oyster.

With our light, spacious and airy classrooms allied to our state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge teaching methods, you will receive a truly world-class education. Our practical sessions are second to none, not only that, our first aid, hydrotherapy, continuous professional development (CPD) and wound dressing courses are at the forefront of global standards in the industry.

Surado Campus of Business Management, one of Sri Lanka’s foremost privately-led vocational training institutions for foreign employment is driving a wave of new global opportunities for Sri Lanka’s based on the world-wide caregiving market boom. Care giving entails assisting another person who is ill, disabled or needs help with daily activities, and has thus far been a somewhat understated among Sri Lankans. Investment with Surado gives you a huge payback within a short period of time while professionalising the knowledge to be an industry expert. This investment opportunity has opened the doors for those who are seeking foreign and local job opportunities and more importantly for young adults flying overseas on a student visa with part-time job opportunities.

Areas Covered

  • Introduction to caregiving.
  • Introduction of the human body.
  • Sterilisation, disinfection, PPE, barrier nursing care .
  • Hand washing techniques.
  • Medication administration .
  • Therapeutic communication process .
  • Dementia care .
  • Human rights/medication rights.
  • Diabetes mellitus .
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Nutrient and diet plan preparation.
  • Basic medical investigations.
  • Decubitus ulcers .
  • Turning and moving a patient on the bed.
  • Bed making .
  • Maintaining personal hygiene-oral care.
  • Maintaining personal hygiene-bed bath and back care .
  • Maintaining personal Hygiene- hair care and head wash.
  • Assessment of vital signs.
  • Administration of oral medication .
  • Naso-gastric feeding.
  • Care for diabetic patient .
  • Nebulisation & tepid sponging .
  • Moving and handling of the client .
  • Catheter care/ perineal care .
  • Palliative care .
  • Care home visit (Clinical training).

This course is designed for:

  • After A/L students who are seeking foreign job opportunities .
  • After A/L students who have received study visas with part-time job opportunities .
  • Those who are planning for skilled migration .
  • Industry professionals who wish to start their own health care centres .
  • Entrepreneurially-minded individuals.

Why Choose Surado?

  • Pioneer in Caregiving and foreign job training
  • Trained more than 5000 students in Sri Lanka and around the globe
  • 90% of students have successfully started their health care centres and their jobs
  • Many students have either found jobs in the industry or have gone on to achieve their career aspirations abroad
  • Trained by industry professionals with a wealth of experience.
  • Customised courses to meet students’ needs (Blended Learning)
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