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We believe that education is the foundation of life successes. Therefore, our mission is to encourage, guide, and support all the students to reach their highest potential and become lifelong learners, contributing to the society. In order to accomplish this mission, our campus provides a staff that works cooperatively with students, parents, and the community


Surado Campus, established in 2012, is deemed as Sri Lanka’s pioneer institute in healthcare. It is a fully recognized Vocational Institute for Skills Development under Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) and the Private Health Services Regulatory Commission (PHSRC) of Sri Lanka and is accredited for Quality Management System by TVEC.


I am privileged to write this message as the Chairman / Chief Executive Officer of Surado Campus of Business Management (Private) Limited. The birth of Surado in 2012, hinged on the traditional “family” concept of care and empathy, in the true spirit of Sri Lankan cultural heritage. Since then its road to success has been one of great interest. Our fully fledged beautifully crafted Campuses, with modern state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, established in island wide locations, cater to a wide segment of clients.

We yearn to upgrade ourselves, innovate, find alternatives, face challenges and expand, to offer a wider variety of internationally acclaimed programmes, products and services. This has seen an influx of different clientele from different walks of life across Sri Lanka. The contribution by highly qualified Professionals who deliver, manage and support these activities, are greatly valued by me.

Surado boasts of unparalleled success in gracefully overcoming challenges posed by the pandemic and the global economic instability. It became a household name with the concept of “Family Doctor” being present in each entity to take care of the sick and the needy at family levels.

Our success resulted in winning the prestigious “Nirmana Abhinanda Award, ( 2019) , and the world acclaimed Asia’s Award for Best Vocational Training Institute (2020/2021).

I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe that the best of educational learning business is yet to come, and the legacy will continue, and Surado will shine.

This year, as we celebrate 10 years I thank the contribution made by my team, the loyal patronage given by our clients, and the great support by all partners and well-wishers.

Surado will continue to soar high.


– Rachitha Buddhika –


As the Directress of Surado Campus of Business Management, it gives me great pleasure to write this note. Surado Campus has proven its true grit and stability through 10 long years, spreading a note of care and share, to communities in Sri Lanka and abroad under the leadership of our dynamic Chairman.

Most people are unaware or under-estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. We at Surado set out to make that change with the power to heal, educating communities with our varied Healthcare Training Programmes and all related services.

The scarcity of Healthcare Officers around the globe was highlighted recently with the emergence of Covid – 19. There was a major demand for Professional Healthcare Officers in hospitals, care institutes, schools, quarantine centres, and homes. With countries plunging into lockdown situations, there boomed a requirement for everyone to know first aid and monitoring of vital signs, healthy life patterns, fitness, and nutritional requirements. This need caused many authorities and country leaders to focus on the requirement for healthcare training and build teams of people with the necessary knowledge.

Today, Surado is deemed the leading institute in Healthcare Education, specialising in Caregiving Training for those who need support, namely the elderly, children, differently abled and the sick. As Sri Lanka’s pioneer Institute with many government authorizations and International collaborations, Surado has steadily grown from strength to strength through the global pandemic and economic recession. It has become the preferred place of study and obtain many healthcare related programmes and services from knowledge gain, career buildup to going abroad.

We warmly welcome you to join us and learn the art of professional healthcare, and leave an impact on people, bringing happiness.

Do the right thing, Do your best, and always show people you care….(Lou Holtz)

– Disani D. Adihetti –


  • To encourage, guide, and support students to reach their highest potential and become lifelong learners contributing to society.
  • To become the best educational and foreign employment service provider in Sri Lanka
  • To become the country representative for foreign universities and Institutions – specially in caregiving and health science sector.
  • To contribute professional caregivers to fulfill the world demand.
  • To become a unique and trustworthy business entity.
  • To introduce and distribute caregiving health care qualifications to other healthcare institutes and related communities in Sri Lanka.
  • To enhance the branch network of Surado in South Asia and worldwide.
  • To enhance our own elderly care homes and home nursing ventures in Sri Lanka. 
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Head Of Marketing

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General Manager - Japanese

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Head of Academics, Administration & Quality Assurance

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Business Promotion Manager


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Senior executive

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IT and Advertising Coordinator

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Business Development Executive RPL Department

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Business Development Executive. TLCare Pvt Ltd.

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Foreign Languages Manager

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Business Promotion Manager
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